10 Easy Tips For Selling And Staging Your Home

Dated: 09/29/2016

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If you are planning to put your house on the market this fall, you are most definitely trying to sell your home as quickly as possible at your asking price. Accomplish this by using these tips and see FAST results!

1. Boost Curb Appeal. Most buyers searching for a new home will often drive through the neighborhoods of listings on the market and scope out the home to see if its even worth scheduling a showing with an agent. Do your best to make sure your home is appealing from the outside! Use some of these simple tips to make your home appealing and inviting to prospective buyers:

  • Hang easy-to-read house numbers

  • Mow lawn

  • Plant flowers in bloom and fresh greenery

  • Power wash siding and walkways

  • Wash front windows

  • Repair fencing and paint or stain it to give a new look

  • Touch up dried and damaged paint spots on the outside

2. Welcome visitors with an inviting porch. Despite the size; create a “welcome home” essence. Have a clean doormat and potted plants in bloom. Keep it well lit especially during the evenings for potential buyers driving by. You never know when they will be scoping out the home!

3. Get your house clean.The simplest way to prepare your house for prospective buyers is to CLEAN IT! Consider hiring pros to make your house as clean as it can be, every aspect should glimmer! This is key! Don’t let a mess turn off buyers.

4.Clear away clutter.If you want to show off the full potential of your home the clutter must go. Get a temporary storage unit, use a family members garage do what ever you have to do to get the clutter out. Less clutter equals more space in the eyes of a potential buyer.

5. Rearrange your furniture. Make spacious conversation-welcoming environment. Focus on selling your home don’t worry if its not your style, you can bring back your personal style when you purchase your new home. Create a space that is welcoming and appealing to the greatest number of people.

6. Freshen up. Paint inside your home. Now is not the time to experiment with extreme accent colors. Use rich mid tone neutrals, create a sophisticated backdrop that compliments the interior and makes everything look “put together”.

 7. Entice the people visiting your home to explore the entire house. Don’t just focus on the common areas; create a welcoming essence throughout your home. Using simple decoration that will catch the eye of potential buyers can easily do this. A vase of flowers, a piece of artwork, a light fixture or even a small accent rug can all get the visitors attention.

 8. Beware of odors. As hard as it is to believe not everyone loves pets like you do! Especially the odors that come with them! So be mindful of this if you have pets get your carpets steamed, vacuum and wash surfaces, get rid of the excess dog hair floating around! Also be sure to keep any extra-loved pet toys and doggie bones hidden when showings are scheduled.

9. Stage the outdoors too. No matter how small play up your outdoor space, use a cute café table and chairs; place a vase of flowers, even a little tray of dishes just dress it up, entice the potential buyers imagination!!

10. Think seasonally. Take advantage of the season you plan on selling your home in. In the summer, make sure your garden is in beautiful shape and any extra features you have such as a pool or a fire pit? Clean them up! Use the cozy vibe of autumn and winter by building a fire in the fireplace maybe even simmer up some hot apple cider on the stove! Remember entice the buyer’s imagination and create that “welcome home feel”.

Quick Staging Facts

  • Homes stay on the market an average of just 45 days when staged, as opposed to 102 days when left as is.

  • It is estimated that only 10% of people viewing homes can visualize their full potential.

  • The average home buyer forms a firm "yes-no" opinion with 15 seconds of entering a home.

  • On average, a buyer will spend just five minutes in a vacant home, compared to 40 minutes in a furnished home.

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