Are You Prepared For The Change Of Season

Dated: 10/15/2016

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Are you prepared for the Change of Season? 

For some it's just another day or week that should just fit into our daily lives and activity, for some it's even kind of fun making the gradual change of wardrobe or even housewares. For me it's a much more time of year of preparedness. 

Here's my take on making the "Change" of season more safer and "Prepared" for what the season may bring to us here in the Great State of NJ! 

As we all remember the unwelcome entrance of Sandy had made in late October of 2012, was I prepared? Absolutely not, as we all thought this was just another walk in the park wind and rain storm (Need I explain more) 

With this said my new approach is now a constant fit for me beginning in the first week of October.

1. Prepare your family and friends as to what may occur when dealing with the weather and or a threat of a major storm.

2. Have your evacuation plan set well in advance.

3. Have the necessary emergency items readily available, Don't wait until the day before the actual disaster may occur to head out and get your items that Must include the following,  flash lights, batteries, bottles water, a full tank a gasoline in your vehicle, canned goods and non perishable items, as you remember most of State of NJ was without electric for two weeks, my recommendation to you is make that expensive purchase and pick up a generator to make life so much easier during these tough times.

Your plan may be totally different then what I had just laid out, that's great, as long as your prepared at the time of event and You have a plan to put into effect!

My point here folks is we are probably going to see more of these crazy weather events in the future so why not be prepared.

Thank you for taking time to read my latest blog, if I can be of any sort of assistance in any way, please don't hesitate to give me a call, my contact information can be seen below 

Mr. Victor Lucatorto 

Realtor Remax-Infinity


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