Dated: 03/15/2017

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First Published in the LA Real Estate News 7/14/2016

New Jersey HOME BUYERS  are looking for houses in Secaucus, Lyndhurst, North Arlington, Lodi, Carlstadt, East Rutherford, Ridgefield Park and more. Inventory is tight !

HIGHEST & BEST OFFERS is the norm so making the right offer will get you the best chance to win out your competition.

Long gone are the days of abundant supply, huge REO/Bank Inventories and buyer’s choice to take their pick from whatever they wanted and at their price.

Forget the low ball offers !!! Taking this kind of a gamble will most certainly have a seller reject your offer outright, yep you guess it, not even a counter. No seller is going to waste their time countering back a low ball offer in today’s market, when they have buyers who are realistically pricing their offers at list price or above.

You have to give your BEST OFFER, reduce contingency time frames and move quickly. Any lallygagging around and you’ll miss your opportunity.

Home-buyers that are not flexible in terms of price, condition or area will only price themselves out of the market. 

Regardless of pricing points, you must know the local market work with your agent and make your offer accordingly.


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