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Dated: 11/01/2016

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As a buyer's agent, I am with you for every step of the home buying process. Here is a quick outline of what happens next after the offer is accepted by seller:

  1. It's time to apply for a mortgage thru your lender.

  2. Buyer and seller each hire an attorney to look over contract ,"Attorney Review "- closing dates assigned, both parties sign.

  3. Next the home inspection, the buyer and buyer's agent walk thru the home with the inspector. The paper work is submitted to the lawyers and reviewed. 

  4. Buyer's lawyer will do a title search on the property to make sure all is clear no liens on property

  5. Your lender will now order an appraisal on the property.

  6. Buyer's lender will discuss with you about obtaining home owner's Insurance and make recommendations.

  7. Walk thru is the day before closing. The buyer and buyer's agent make sure the seller has removed all belongings and that nothing has been broken since inspection.

  8. Closing day as the buyer be prepared to sign alot of documents, the seller only has to sign a few.

  9. The buyer at closing will need to provide a photo ID, certified checks from the bank, and a copy of homeowner's insurance. The seller usually provides a certificate of occupancy.

  10.  Finally you receive the keys, the home is now yours !

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