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Dated: 10/06/2016

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If you ask me what I love about Weehawken, I  would say everything ! what's not to like. The folks are friendly, the waterfront park provides great panoramic views and recreational activities, the high school  was just ranked #56 in the state, and it's a ten minute commute to  New York City. The area I live in is called Weehawken Heights...here are just a few sites to visits:

Weehawken Reservoir 

is located on Palisades Ave between 20th Street and Highpoint Ave bordering Union City. The reservoir was built in the late 1800's and dominates 14 acres of land. Today, the Reservoir boasts a beautiful walking and running path for its residents and visitors, with beautiful NYC views and a sense of calmness that surrounds the area. 

For dog lovers soon a dog park  will be at the corner of 20th street and Palisade Ave.

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Gladdis Homemade Cakes

is located at 2508 Palisade Ave

Where you can buy ice cream on hot summer days or flan, cakes, tea and espresso coffee throughout the year.

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Gregory Park

A neighborhood park where the local children play while their parents catch up with on what's going on around town.


Weehawken Properties Just listed condos, single and multifamily homes.

Why Weehawken High School?

Nextdooris a website/app where you connect with your neighbors, discuss issues, meet up for events etc.

How Growing Up in Weehawken Shaped Me by Faith Mazure

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